Work rant.

Okay I’ve even thinking about this all day and I’m just so disgusted with people. Today this elderly(ish) guy came in with a walker and an oxygen tank and he had his nurse helping him check his lottery. A few minutes later this woman comes up to my register while my co-worker is using the lotto machine to cash the guys winning tickets and she asks me for a Lotto and Powerball. I apologized and asked her if she could wait a second because there’s another customer currently using it… So she looks at him and turns back to me and says “OH WHY?! IS HE HOGGING IT?” Like total bitch face RUDE AS HELL!!!! I totally wanted to ask her to leave for being such a DUMB RUDE BITCH!!! Ugh! I can’t. So RUDE!!! LIKE HOW DARE YOU LADY!!! Then she proceeded to stand there like a dumb cow so I asked her to step over so I can help the guy behind her and EVEN HE heard her and thought she was being ridiculous. Like idk. Some people I just can’t and don’t and I don’t think I ever will understand. Rant over!


Every year… On my birthday I think about my biological mother. I always always always think about her and she makes me just hate myself. It doesn’t happen on other holidays and I never think about her through out the rest of the year. But on August 21st she just appears out of no where and god damn it I just…. I hate her and I hate myself and it’s just filled with mixed emotions. I don’t know her or a lot about her…. And I just think she’s a coward. Now that I’m gonna be 20… And I’ve been a mom for over a year… I just.. I can’t stand her.. I think I hate her less because I have more important things to worry about but… On this day… Every year… But I love my parents and I don’t look at them as anyone else but on this day… I just for some reason can’t help but remind myself..